Gulfstream delivers 100th private jet with cabin management system


handset of the Gulfstream cabin management system

Gulfstream delivers the 100th aircraft equipped with the manufacturer’s own cabin management system.
handset of the Gulfstream cabin management system

Handset of the Gulfstream cabin management system.

Gulfstream has delivered the 100th Gulfstream private jet – a Gulfstream G650 – equipped with the aircraft manufacturer’s cabin management system.

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The Gulfstream-controlled and designed equipment, known as the Gulfstream Cabin Management System (GCMS), is standard on Gulfstream G650 and G280 aircraft and is part of the Elite Interior option for the G550 and G450. The GCMS app allows customers to control the interior systems and options – including temperature, monitors and lights – across Gulfstream’s entire fleet from one handheld device.

“We’re excited to reach this milestone because it reflects the appeal of the Gulfstream Cabin Management System to customers,” said Scott Neal, senior vice president, worldwide sales and mMarketing, Gulfstream. “We took a novel approach to designing this system, and the response has been incredible. With the intuitive menus and screens, passengers can easily design a cabin environment that meets their requirements for that particular flight.”

Gulfstream initially introduced GCMS on the G650 and later, the G280, the company’s two newest aircraft. Elements of the G650 interior have also been incorporated into an Elite Interior option for Gulfstream’s large-cabin aircraft, the G550 and G450.