Gulfstream Appleton adds mid-cabin hangar


new mid-cabin maintenance hangar at Gulfstream Appleton

Gulfstream Appleton’s completion centre has now added a dedicated mid-cabin aircraft hangar.
new mid-cabin maintenance hangar at Gulfstream Appleton

new mid-cabin maintenance hangar at Gulfstream Appleton.

Gulfstream Aerospace has opened a hangar specifically for mid-cabin aircraft maintenance at its service centre and completions facility in Appleton, Wisconsin.

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The building is leased from Outagamie County, a hangar and office space. The building also includes new hangar doors, which enable it to accommodate all Gulfstream mid-cabin models, with upgraded customer and employee offices.

Mark Burns, president of Gulfstream product support, said: “Depending on the configuration and mix of G100s, G150s, G200s and G280s, we can house up to five aircraft under one roof. That is particularly important in the winter months, when the temperatures in Appleton are consistently in the teens and 20s, and snow and ice are obstacles.”

“This expansion allows Gulfstream Appleton to support more mid-cabin customers, get their aircraft in and out of maintenance faster and provide them with a comfortable place to work,” Burns added.

Gulfstream Appleton’s new hangar is situated between the existing Gulfstream Appleton north and main site buildings at the airport.