Gulfstream and Rolls-Royce fly G650 on 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel


Gulfstream and Rolls-Royce have flown the first business jet using 100% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

It flew using two types of SAF. One made from used cooking oil by World Energy and one made from plant-based sugars by Virent.

The SAF was provided by World Energy and Virent. World Energy made it in Paramount, California and Virent who made it from plant-based sugars.

“At Gulfstream, leading our industry closer to decarbonization is a long-standing priority, and testing, evaluating and promoting new developments in SAF takes us another step closer to that goal,” said Mark Burns, president, Gulfstream.

Dr Joerg Au, Chief Engineer – Business Aviation and Engineering Director Rolls-Royce Deutschland, said: “Sustainable aviation fuels are essential for the decarbonisation of the skies, as they have the potential to significantly reduce the carbon emissions of aviation and we have already proved they can be used as a drop-in fuel to power existing engines. This flight test with Gulfstream is another proof point that demonstrates the compatibility of our engines with SAF, bringing us another important step closer to enabling our customers to achieve net zero carbon emissions.”


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