Guardian Jet unveils record sales and leadership changes

Gabriel Bastos (left) and Doc Dwyer have been made managing partners at Guardian Jet.

Gabriel Bastos (left) and Doc Dwyer have been made managing partners at Guardian Jet.

Business jet broker and consultancy Guardian Jet has revealed record sales topping $2bn in 2023 alongside wide-ranging leadership changes.

Last year was the most successful year for new aircraft acquisitions in its 22-year history, according to the company. It also reported what it described as “unprecedented growth” in consulting services. “Despite facing a flat market landscape, we’re committed to reinvesting and expanding in every facet of the business,” said Mike Dwyer, managing partner. “From bolstering our workforce to enhancing technological infrastructure and services, Guardian Jet has spared no effort in fortifying our position and driving growth.”

Investing in staff

Dwyer pledged to continue investing in staff, technology and services in order to  increase market share and drive growth. Technology investments include its online aviation asset management portal the Vault and the implementation of its call centre omnichannel technology platforms. These investments are enabling the company to expand its global footprint and client services, said the company.

“Our expansion into new markets, including Latin America, Mexico, the West Coast and Europe, necessitated the scaling of call centre operations to accommodate increased demand,” said Dwyer. 

To boost its global business, Guardian Jet has made eight appointments. President Doc Dwyer has been appointed to managing partner, alongside Don & Mike Dwyer. Also, Gabriel Bastos, formerly vice president of Sales has been appointed global head of Sales.

Hired six new staff

The company has also hired six new staff: Meghan Dwyer, based in France,  has been appointed sales director, Europe, Amber Gardner is now regional sales manager, West of the Hudson and John Ballenger has taken up the role of regional sales manager, mountain. Three other new hires include: Greg Sydor as regional sales manager for the mid-Atlantic region and Wyatt Breedlove and Brantley Gandy join as aircraft market researchers from the aviation programme at Auburn University. 

“These key leadership changes illustrate our desire to empower the next generation,” said Don Dwyer, managing partner, Guardian Jet. “While my brother, Mike, and I aren’t going anywhere, we want to harness the talents and capabilities of our star performers now and continue to lay the foundation for our continued growth and sustainability in the coming years.”


Guardian Jet new roles – at a glance


  • President Doc Dwyer appointed managing partner
  • Gabriel Bastos appointed global head of Sales

New hires:

  • Meghan Dwyer, sales director, Europe
  • Amber Gardner, regional sales manager, west of the Hudson.
  • John Ballenger, regional sales manager, mountain 
  • Greg Sydor, regional sales manager, mid-Atlantic region
  • Wyatt Breedlove and Brantley Gandy, aircraft market researchers.