Grossman Jet Services takes delivery of new CJ2+


Czech company Grossman Jet Services has taken delivery of new Citation CJ2+

Citation CJ2+

Czech business jet company Grossman Jet Services has taken delivery of a new Citation CJ2+. The company operates three executive jets from Prague Airport, a Legacy 600, a Hawker 900XP and now a CJ2+.

“We have
found a good market with travel agencies and therefore we decided to go for the
CJ2+, instead of keeping the Citation Mustang, the smallest aircraft we had.
Apart from the fact that the CJ2+ has better range than the Mustang for very
short flights, the CJ2+ also has more capacity and a bathroom. The CJ2+ will
definitely better serve our clients’ needs. Without refuelling you can go from Prague to Amman, or from Paris to St.
Petersburg. The aircraft also has a very good fuel
economy. The CJ2+ is single-pilot capable, however, to maximize passengers’
safety, there will be always two pilots,” says Dagmar Grossmann, CEO of
Grossmann Jet Service.