Greenpoint Technologies completes its fourth V-VIP Boeing 787-8 Interior


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Bothell, Wash. – 8 December 2020 – Greenpoint Technologies delivers another V-VIP Boeing 787-8 interior completion to an undisclosed client.

Greenpoint crafted the bespoke cabin in collaboration with the client’s representatives, aiming to complement state-of-the-art technology and in-flight entertainment with an attention to detail beyond a typical V-VIP completion. The interior caters to this particular client’s needs with open, multi-functional living space and distinct, private rooms. The result is a seamlessly integrated Boeing 787 interior showcasing the client’s individual style, designed to the utmost standards, and robustly engineered to meet the aircraft mission requirements.

Klaus Koester, CEO of Greenpoint Technologies and the Custom Cabin Division of Safran Passenger Solutions, states, “This delivery represents a continuation of Greenpoint’s unmatched 787 accomplishments. More importantly, our entire team is both humbled and grateful to work with such an amazing client, and we thank all involved for their dedication and hours spent to support this success.”

To date, Greenpoint has contracted six V-VIP Boeing 787 programs and completed four, underscoring Greenpoint as a leading Boeing 787 completion centre.