Greenpoint signs contract for two Boeing 787-9 completions


Greenpoint Technologies has signed a contract for two V-VIP Boeing 787-9 interior completions with an undisclosed client. The contract is an “honour” for the company according to its CEO, Klaus Koester.

“The power of trust influenced the client to select Greenpoint,” said Koester. “This level of trust culminates from our V-VIP completion expertise, delivery performance, and long-standing client relationships. Our clients understand the complexity of these programmes, and we value their confidence in our team to deliver aircraft on time with unmatched quality.”

Greenpoint partnered directly with the client to create and develop the interior designs for the Boeings. Full-scale development started in January, with Greenpoint managing all aspects the project. Each interior will include private first-class suites and V-VIP areas featuring elevated ceilings, IFE and communication technologies and low cabin acoustic levels.

The construction is being conducted at Greenpoint’s installation facility in Moses Lake, Washington. The first aircraft is scheduled to induct next year.

Over the past decade, Greenpoint has undertaken seven V-VIP Boeing 787 interior completions, including delivery of both the world’s first V-VIP Boeing 787-8 and Boeing 787-9.