Greenpoint delivers world’s first VVIP Boeing 787-9 Interior


Completions company Greenpoint Technologies delivered the world’s first VVIP Boeing 787-9 interior completion to an undisclosed client. It says it did so eight months faster than the first VVIP Boeing 787-8.

To date, Greenpoint has completed five VVIP Boeing 787 interiors over the past 10 years.

CEO Klaus Koester said: “Greenpoint is grateful for the opportunity to partner with such an amazing client, and we are delighted to redeliver our first Boeing 787-9 completion in record time!”

Greenpoint crafted the bespoke cabin in collaboration with the client’s representatives, balancing state-of-the-art systems and technology with interior design detail.

The main cabin caters to the client’s distinct needs with private VIP areas and an expansive, multi-functional living space featuring woven fabrics, wood veneers, and intricate metallic details.