GlobeAir doubles flights to London in first six months of 2017


GlobeAir Citation Mustang

GlobeAir, the Austria based Citation Mustang charter specialist, doubled its flights to London in the first six months of the year.

The company says that the 53% increase is largely due to a fall in the value of the British pound, as well as London increasing its reputation as a luxury city.

Analysis by GlobeAir shows that the value of the British Pound fell by 13.5% between June 2016 and July 2017. Additionally, there were 41 new luxury opening in the UK Capital, versus 36 in Paris, 31 in New York and Dubai, and 24 in Milan.

“A significant proportion of luxury goods are purchased outside of a shopper’s home market, and a combination of the fall in Sterling and more luxury stores opening in London has been a massive boost for the capital’s luxury retail market.” said Mauro De Rosa, chief marketing & sales officer, GlobeAir. “This has had a knock on effect on other sectors that are closely linked to this, including private aviation. Indeed, the number of private jet flights we operate to London from Europe has increased dramatically.”