Global 7000 test flight reaches Mach 0.995


Global 7500

The first Bombardier Global 7000 test aircraft recently reached a top speed of Mach 0.995 during a flight test.

The aircraft flew for the first time on November 4 from the airframers Toronto Donwsview manufacturing facility. It was later transferred to Bombardier’s flight test center in Wichita.

Bombardier say that the first and second aircraft were both transferred to Wichita ahead of schedule.

“Our flight test vehicles continue to show a high degree of maturity in testing, dispatching twice daily in many cases,” said Michel Ouellette, senior vice president, Global 7000 and Global 8000 Program. “We have strong momentum in the program right now, and we are on track for entry into service in 2018. The Global 7000 Flight Test Vehicle 1 (FTV1) completed its maiden flight in November 2016. It was transferred to the Bombardier Flight Testing Center in Wichita ahead of schedule and, to date, has achieved approximately 200 flight hours.”

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