Global 7000 flight test program reaches 500 hours


Bombardier’s Global 7000 flight test program has surpassed the 500-hour milestone. There are three flight test vehicles (FTVs) currently in flight testing, with two FTVs to join shortly.

Bombardier also confirmed that the first customer aircraft are progressing smoothly through production, with four Global 7000s currently in final assembly.

“The three flight test vehicles have been meeting all performance and reliability expectations for this stage in the flight test program, and the pace of testing will continue to accelerate with the two remaining FTVs progressing well towards their respective first flights. The aircraft’s high degree of maturity is very encouraging as we continue to push the limits of every aspect of this game-changing aircraft’s performance,” said Michel Ouellette, senior vice president, Global 7000 and Global 8000 program.

“With more than 500 flight test hours already logged, the program’s development and certification schedule is on track. Our confidence level is high as we accumulate more flight hours and push towards entry-into-service in the second half of 2018.”

The flight testing began in November 2016, with FTV1 reaching M0.0995 during a test flight in March 2017. FTV2 joined the program in March 2017, with FTV3 joining in May 2017.

“The Global 7000 aircraft’s flight validation program is making steady headway because of the aircraft’s reliable and mature configuration while in parallel, solid progress of the testing on structural and systems rigs is supporting certification activities as per plan,” said François Caza, vice president, Product Development and Chief Engineer.

“Our highly skilled teams have achieved significant milestones, which include completing hot weather and cold weather environmental tests as low as -40C and successfully demonstrating the aircraft’s long-range navigation capabilities by flying over the North Pole region.”

Two remaining flight test vehicles, FTV4 and FTV5, are currently in final assembly and flight validation testing in a dedicated pre-flight bay and are on track to join the other aircraft at Bombardier’s flight test centre in Wichita, Kansas.

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