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Geoffrey Burgess is a specialist aviation lawyer who is extremely active in Russia.

LEADING LAWYER DIRECTORY – Geoffrey Burgess, Debevoise & Plimpton LLP

Geoffrey Burgess is a specialist aviation lawyer who is extremely active in Russia.

Geoffrey Burgess

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Geoffrey’s advice

“Remember that there is a human element to every decision in every deal. Understanding how your client and your counterparty make decisions and building effective, working relationships go miles to moving a project along. It is important not to lose focus. Of course, the only way not to do this is to define your commercial objectives. Most deals are full of distractions, commercially and personally. Maybe the other side suggests terms that are complicated or irrelevant, or someone does or says something that is not nice. The important thing is not to get side-tracked when it’s not important.”


“My very first aircraft deal was in 1997 when I was new to Debevoise. We had just helped Aeroflot acquire their first Boeing aircraft, and I was asked to work on the financing. It was my first project for a Russian client at the firm since moving from Coudert Brothers, and I was eager to put my language and country skills to work. I was fortunate to be working with some incredibly knowledgeable (and patient) partners – John Curry, Hans Bertram-Nothnagel and Darius Tencza in particular. In fact, most of the lawyers in that project were great, especially Dean Gerber at Vedder and Roger Cohen at Exim. I quickly realized that aviation work was interesting and a lot of fun — especially, if you are new to it, when you have the right guidance and support.”

Official biography

Geoffrey Burgess is a corporate partner with a broad international practice that ranges from private equity and cross-border mergers & acquisitions to joint ventures and intricate financing transactions. Mr. Burgess also has significant experience in Russian/CIS matters.