Buying general aviation insurance

Cessna Citation Mustang, GlobeAir

A Cessna Citation Mustang operated by GlobeAir.

Just like a car or any mode of transport, a business aircraft is something which legally needs to be insured. The difference is that, as the cost of a jet or helicopter is far greater, the process of insuring the asset is a lot more complicated.

Rather than shopping around insurance providers yourself, in aviation, you generally enlist the help of an insurance broker to meet face-to-face with specialist underwriters in order to find you the best price and coverage for your aircraft.

Choosing a general aviation insurance broker
Specialist insurance brokers from Hayward Aviation Ltd, LL Johns and Willis share their advice.

Business jet insurance survey (2013)
Rates, capacity and demand for global business jet insurance will either increase or stay the same, according to the first ever business jet insurance survey conducted by Corporate Jet Investor.

Business jet insurance 2013: Competitive but still profitable for underwriters
Decreasing rates and more competition among insurers should make insuring corporate and private aircraft cheaper in 2013 – but only for those buyers willing to shop around.

Business jet insurance 2012: A buyer’s market
Buying insurance for a business jet can cause headaches, but with insurance prices at a ten-year low and carriers competing to provide coverage it is very much a buyers’ market at present.

The danger of over-insuring your aircraft
Steve Johns, president of LL Johns looks at the risks of over-insuring and under-insuring your private aircraft.