Genel Havacilik orders AgustaWestland GrandNew helicopter


First AgustaWestland GrandNew helicopter in Turkey

Emilio Dalmasso and Ali SuyakAgustaWestland has announced that Genel
Havacilik of Turkey
has placed an order for a GrandNew helicopter. The aircraft will be used to
perform VIP transport missions and it is expected to be delivered in June 2011.
The contract marks the entrance of the GrandNew model into the Turkish
helicopter market. 

Emilio Dalmasso, senior vice president Commercial
Business Unit, AgustaWestland said: “We are proud that Genel Havacilik has
become the first customer in Turkey
to choose the GrandNew helicopter to meet its VIP transport requirements. The
entrance of the GrandNew demonstrates the competitiveness of our
state-of-the-art product range which has achieved great success in Turkey. The
GrandNew’s operational capabilities, second to none in the light twin class,
will greatly benefit Genel Havacilik’s operations.”

Sulyak, chief executive officer of Genel
Havacilik, said “The entire range of AgustaWestland products shares a common
dedication to best quality and reliability standards as well as the best
performance available today. So it is small wonder we selected the GrandNew as
the aircraft of choice in its class to satisfy our requirements to operate in
the most demanding hot and high conditions of Turkey and cover the long
distances of Turkey with extended range and high cruise speed. Thanks to its
cutting edge technology this type will enhance our operations and provide a
leap forward in capability.”