Gary Dolski is Metrojet’s new CEO


Gary Dolski

Metrojet has appointed Gary Dolski as its new chief executive officer.

Dolski (pictured) will assume full management responsibility of the Hong Kong-based business aircraft services provider, overseeing its long-term business development and strategic growth, as well as day-to-day operations.

He said: “I very much look forward to this great opportunity. With the full support from the Kadoorie Group and Metrojet’s dedicated team of professionals, we will continue to enhance and grow our business in accordance to the highest levels of safety, integrity, customer service and financial performance.”

Canadian Dolski has more than 35 years’ experience at Bristol Aerospace, Bombardier, MD Helicopters and Jet Aviation, managing them in North America, Europe and Asia, with particular emphasis on the business of private jets. He joined Metrojet as the managing director of Aircraft Management and Charter in April 2017.

Metrojet was established in 1995 and was awarded an Air Operator’s Certificate in 1997.