Gama Aviation consolidates Hangar8 and JetClub


Gama Aviation

Gama Aviation has said that it will phase out the Hangar8 and JetClub brands with immediate effect.

From the end of this week the brands will start to disappear on all non-regulatory items; the first manifestations being the closure of the Hangar8 group websites and the rebranding of the new Group’s Oxford Airport facilities.  Regulatory documentation and approvals (aviation & maintenance) will begin to transition over the coming months in line with the Regulator’s requirements.

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Duncan Daines, chief marketing officer, Gama Aviation said: “First of all, this change in no way effects the underlying legal entities that will continue to trade under the Gama Aviation brand; nor, in the short term, will changes be made to regulatory documentation without the Regulator’s full approval. Moving towards a single brand allows us to deliver a single, recognisable service standard across the world. Strategically this is important, as we believe the market requires scale, breadth and depth, driven through a singular focus that is unencumbered by managing multiple brands or service styles.”

The announcement comes after a positive update from Gama Aviation saying that the two businesses have been successfully integrated and that the group is delivering on its planned strategic objectives.

“I am, of course, very pleased with our positive trading update and that our performance remains in line with expectations.”

Marwan Khalek, CEO of Gama Aviation said: “I am, of course, very pleased with our positive trading update and that our performance remains in line with expectations.  However, for me the most pleasing aspect of the last six months has been our ability to deliver against all the key objectives that we set ourselves in January.  Chief amongst these has been the integration and re-organisation of the business post-merger.”

“We are now a single entity that operates with a class-leading platform of infrastructure and management around which we can now drive our scale, breadth and depth.  Six months into our journey I am very pleased that both our strategy is firmly on-track,” added Khalek.