Gama Aviation climbing Mount Kilimanjaro



In February 2016, 19 Gama Aviation employees will climb Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for Kiomboi hospital in Tanzania.

Alongside other medical operations, the hospital handles approximately 8,000 births a year. They only have enough water for one hour a day. Because of the lack of water, heavily pregnant women have to collect water from the unclean river to bring to the hospital to use for the birth of their own child. After they have given birth, they then have to walk back to the river to wash. That is the same river water that many of them will drink, cook with and wash their new born babies with.


Staff at the hospital do not have enough water to wash their hands with between deliveries, or clean their equipment with. Sheets cannot be washed properly and floors cannot be cleaned. All this dramatically increases the risk of sepsis, which is ripe in the area, an infection which for babies, can kill. The mortality rate and severe infection rate in the area is high.

Together with WaterAid, Gama Aviation will be providing toilets, showers, baths, hand washing sinks and hygiene education.

You can donate to this fantastic cause here: Gama Aviation are also looking for raffle prizes.

This project also falls under the UK Government’s Deliver Life appeal. This means that the UK Government will double every £1 donated for Gama Aviation’s cause up until the 10th of February.

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