Gama Aviation and Private Flight Global sign agreement


Private Flight Global becomes Gama Aviation’s in-flight services provider

Gama Aviation and Private FlightGama Aviation signed an
agreement with Private Flight last week, to develop and support its catering
operations of its 80 business aircraft in its three key markets in Europe, the
Middle East and the United

In February, Gama entered a trial
with Private Flight at its Farnborough headquarters, after three months of
the trial and following a detailed and structured implementation process
conducted by Private Flight, Gama confirmed that a firm agreement will formally
commence from June 2011.

Anne Chuard, group director
of Cabin Services at Gama commented: “We selected Private Flight to realise a
long-held goal to offer a consistency of service for inflight catering to all
our clients as we expand our reach around the world.  The service product
and standard will be the same, whether a client is boarding an aircraft in Paris or New
York.  Private Flight is renowned for helping
clients deliver quality and increased efficiencies throughout the world. 
Working with one central aggregator also enables us to streamline the process
of ordering catering, eases the business administration and helps us to more
effectively budget.”

“We are delighted to support
Gama Aviation with their in-flight catering provision,” said Shamir Samdjee,
director of Europe and Middle-East for Private
Flight. “Our offering provides Gama with access to a truly global catering
solution.  Partnering with Private Flight will enable Gama to build on
their premier passenger services, whilst at the same time provide a greater
transparency in respect to catering costs.”