GainJet adds factory fresh Gulfstream G650


Sr. Cabin Crewmember, Ms. Evangelia Zervou (left); GainJet President, Captain Ramsey Shaban (middle); and GainJet Accountable Manager, Simon Roussos(right); standing in front of GainJet's new Gulfstream G650 at Athens International Airport.

GainJet based in Athens, Greece has added a factory fresh Gulfstream G650 (registered as SX-GSB) to its charter aircraft fleet.

The aircraft left Savannah, Georgia with a total of 14 people on board and landed at Athens International Airport on 11 October 2014. The G650 travelled at Mach 0.90 and completed the 5,008 naurical mile journey in eight hours and 26 minutes.

GainJet has a fleet of G450, G550s and Boeing VIP aircraft. The company is expanding its long range aircraft fleet. The G650 can fly a maximum of 7,000 nautical miles a Mach 0.925 and at an altitude of 51,000 feet.

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Captain Ramsey Shaban, president of GainJet, says: “The Gulfstream G650 is truly the world’s best business jet. The aircraft’s capabilities are far beyond any other on the market. The acquisition of such a high performance and versatile aircraft is a major advantage for GainJet, especially when considering who our customers are and where in the world they wish to go.

The G650’s advanced features, along with GainJet’s excellent VIP service, will allow for a customized journey tailored to the specific passengers’ needs. We’re sure it will satisfy all our customers’ requirements. It’s already even proven popular, having been booked for charters in the near future. We welcome it to our fleet with great excitement.”
The G650 can accommodate 16 passengers and has the oprtions of converting into flat beds, four singles and a double in the cabin.

GainJet’s G650 is available for charter and will be primarily based in Athens, Greece.

“Athens as a primary base for the aircraft is strategically located as a central point for our main target markets: Europe, the Middle-East, and Africa. We’re sure it will be popular in all these markets. So we feel Athens is an ideal position right in the center of it all,” adds Shaban.