German Air Force pilots trained by ExecuJet


Six Air Force pilots complete Global 5000 training with ExecuJet

ExecuJet pilot trainingExecuJet Europe has announced the successful
completion of the last round of pilot training for the German Air Force. The
final training on Bombardier Global Express aircraft, took place during June in
South America, covering as many as eight
countries over seven days. Lufthansa Technik selected ExecuJet earlier this
year to provide landing and line training to six Air Force pilots so that they
had the necessary skills and experience to become flight instructors on the
Global 5000. The German Air Force has ordered four Global 5000 aircraft which
will be delivered from September 2011 via Lufthansa Technik.  ExecuJet
currently manages one of the largest fleets of Bombardier Global aircraft, some
of which were used for the training.

The training covered pre-flight inspections, ground training and many
approaches and landings in various extraordinary locations, including a touch
down at the highest airport of the world, La Paz,
Bolivia, the very
challenging mountain-based airport Cusco in Peru
or the southernmost airport of the world in Argentina, Ushuaia. South America
was chosen as one of the most demanding and diverse flying areas of the world,
embracing the Andes, where pilots face further
challenges such as language barriers and stopovers in high altitude locations.

Cedric Gitchenko,
ExecuJet Europe chief pilot and Global Express flight instructor praised the
students “They were highly motivated, enthusiastic and appreciative about
experiencing some challenging flying in some of the most demanding
environments.  This is the second time we have worked together with the
German Air Force and we are very proud to be part of this programme. The airports
we landed at were all very co-operative, enabling our sorties to be conducted
very smoothly. We really are grateful to those who accommodated us.”

Lt Col Erich Reichart, German
Air Force “We really enjoyed the excellent syllabus and the professional
training delivered to us. The training programme was both challenging and
exciting and we learned so much. ExecuJet really is one of the leaders in
Global Express training and we have every confidence being able to fly for our
government now.”