GACA approval for maintenance services on aircraft registered in Saudi Arabia


DC Aviation Lufthansa Technik hangar

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, February, 2019 – Lufthansa Technik has received the approval from the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for maintenance services on aircraft registered in Saudi Arabia. In January 2019, a first A-Check on a corresponding Airbus A320 was already conducted by Lufthansa Technik Middle East mechanics in the hangar of DC Aviation Al-Futtaim LLC, a joint venture of DC Aviation and the Al-Futtaim Group at Al Maktoum International Airport (Dubai World Central Airport) in Dubai.

The 400 man-hours check was the second A-Check accomplished in January 2019 within the Lufthansa Technik and DC Aviation Al-Futtaim cooperation. It included for example the check of all systems which are relevant for flight safety, the exchange of several components, or the completion of service bulletins.

Omar Aker, Lufthansa Technik’s Regional Sales Manager stated: “We are only the second VIP MRO supplier in the Gulf region approved for Saudi registered aircraft of the Airbus A320CJ family and Boeing BBJ types. The first A-Check maintenance has been finished within budget and ahead of schedule.”

“We welcome the opportunity to further increase our service Level for providing comprehensive maintenance solutions and modifications,” said Michael Kuhn, Chief Executive Officer, DC Aviation Group.

“DC Aviation’s extensive industry experience, wide maintenance network and knowledge of business operations in cooperation with Lufthansa Technik, one of the leading providers of technical services for the aviation industry, is a collaboration which I am certain will be of considerable benefit to our clients,” he added.

“The cooperation agreement with Lufthansa Technik takes advantage of our facility and the increasing infrastructure available thereby providing the strong foundations for offering world-class maintenance services to our customers both in the region and beyond. The agreement also enables us to further diversify our technical knowledge through the larger number of aircraft types being supported,” added Holger Ostheimer, Managing Director, DC Aviation Al-Futtaim.

As part of the long-lasting cooperation agreement between Lufthansa Technik and DC Aviation Al-Futtaim, the product portfolio consists of regular checks as well as maintenance services, including unplanned repairs for example in the case of an AOG (Aircraft on Ground). It also features services for aircraft cabins, including small modifications. Moreover, there are plans to establish a mobile aircraft and cabin service to serve the region.