Gulfstream G250 flight test programme continues


The test aircraft have now completed a number of ice test certification milestones

Gulfstream G250Gulfstream G250 flight test aircraft have
completed several ice-test certification milestones which are needed for
certification later this year.

The first aircraft has flown with simulated
ice shapes applied to the non-heated areas of the aircraft, including the nose,
tail, winglets and engine pylon. These tests were used to evaluate the
aircraft’s handling, stability and control characteristics in icing conditions.

The second aircraft has completed anti-ice
system dry-air testing, clearing the way for certification flight testing into
known icing conditions. The aircraft is poised to visit the United States
in search of natural icing. The G250 uses an anti-ice system similar to
Gulfstream’s large-cabin aircraft. Heated bleed air from the engines is routed
to the leading edges to prevent ice formation.

The three aircraft in the flight test
programme have completed more than 220 test flights, spending more than 700
hours in the air. The longest flight was more than seven hours. The maximum
speed achieved was Mach 0.85, and the maximum altitude was 45,000 feet (13,800
m). On 9 December 2010, all three flight test aircraft flew simultaneously for
the first time. 

Gulfstream are testing at the Integration
Test Facility (ITF) in Savannah,
the PlaneViewTM 250 avionics system. They’re also developing and validating the
procedures that will be used in the Airplane Flight Manual (AFM). Optional
avionics features, such as the head-up display (HUD) and Gulfstream Enhanced
Vision System (EVS) II are also being tested in the ITF.

At the same time, manufacturing of the first
non-test aircraft, S/N 2004, continues at Israel Aerospace Industries near Tel
Aviv. The forward, center and aft fuselage sections have been joined, and
systems installation is under way. Production of the interior furnishings is
under way at Gulfstream’s mid-cabin completions center in Dallas, where the G250 will be outfitted and

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