G150 passes 100,000 flight hours


G150 passes 100,000 flight hours and aircraft number 100 rolls off line

Gulfstream G150The Gulfstream G150
executive jet reached two milestones recently: the fleet surpassed 100,000
flight hours and the 100th G150 rolled off the initial-phase production line,
nearly six and a half years after the aircraft’s original entry-into-service.

“With the longest range at
the fastest speed, an advanced avionics suite and the most comfortable cabin,
the G150 is the best in its mid-sized cabin aircraft category,” said Stan
Dixon, vice president, mid-cabin programs, Gulfstream. “It has a dispatch
reliability rate of 99.88 percent and an availability rate of 92.59 percent.”

When the G150 entered
service in 2006, it was the first Gulfstream business jet to be certified by
the Federal Aviation Administration for Stage 4, the industry’s most stringent
noise standards. All Gulfstream current production aircraft are Stage 4
compliant. The G150 is also certified to meet the steep approach landing
criteria at London
City Airport.

With 95 aircraft in service,
the fleet has flown more than 100,000 flight hours and achieved more than
72,000 landings.