FXSolutions launched by Directional Aviation


Aircraft brokerage, FXSolutions is the latest business to be launched by Directional Aviation. Developed as a proprietary aircraft comparison tool, the system aims to assist private aviation users buying a jet.

FXSolutions will have Sojourn Aviation’s former executive vice president, Sales, Matthew Doyle as managing partner. Sojourn will be absorbed into the new brokerage service.

Doyle brings more than 20 years of experience in aircraft sales from Flexjet and flight options. He said: “It was never a simple process to find the best aircraft to meet your needs and negotiate the best price, and the market has changed in a way that makes using a professional brokerage team like ours the best way to navigate the process.”

Joining Doyle in leading this new company will be partner Ed McDonald, formerly of Sojourn, and partner Clay Wilcox, formerly of Flexjet.

According to a recent Barclays industry update report, pre-owned aircraft inventory has fallen, and pricing has grown in the last year. Since March 2020, the young used aircraft inventory has decreased 52%. Young pre-owned small cabin aircraft prices increased by 14%.

FXSolutions can help buyers and sellers navigate these unique market conditions with a purchase process that includes an in-depth interview with the buyer and a research report aimed at identifying those available aircraft.

FXSolutions manages demonstration flights, pre-purchase inspections and all phases of closing.

“Our team of technical experts have such a depth of knowledge and experience that is unmatched in handling the inspection and due diligence during an aircraft transaction. To add to that, their knowledge in global aircraft sales is becoming increasingly sought after in this environment where inventory is tight,” Doyle said.

“What is the unique, though, is that our service doesn’t end when the sale closes. We also can help you find a home for your aircraft, a crew to operate it and the resources to maintain it,” he added.