From Import to Delivery, Duncan Aviation Delivers Falcon 2000EX with Connectivity, Comfort, and Cabin Ambience in Mind


Duncan Aviation Falcon 2000EX interior

Lincoln, NEB — Newly imported from the Isle of Man, this Falcon 2000EX landed at Duncan Aviation’s full-service MRO facility in Lincoln, Nebraska, for a pre-purchase inspection that advanced into new PRIZM cabin lighting, Gogo AVANCE L5 connectivity, and a complete interior and paint refurbishment. Many Duncan Aviation teams had a hand in the completion of this transformed aircraft.

This is the third Falcon 2000EX for a charter operator from the Northeast who had high expectations this Falcon, once delivered, would match the quality of the rest. They trusted Duncan Aviation to make it happen once again.

Improving the aircraft’s cabin connectivity was a high-priority. The Gogo AVANCE L5 Wi-Fi system’s installation allows passengers to stream audio and video, send an email, make phone calls, or send text messages with less latency. The system was installed using one of the nine STCs Duncan Aviation has developed for the installation of the Gogo AVANCE L5 system.

Crew situational safety and awareness were heightened with cockpit improvements that included Synthetic Vision, Auto Descent Mode, XM Weather, Push to Load, and Faster Chart Loading, along with the addition of two new USB ports.

The interior was given a contemporary look with new carpet, rebuilt and refurbished seats, window panels, headliners, six USB ports, veneered galley, and new opaque polycarbonate sliding galley tower doors.

This Falcon 2000EX received the first PRIZM LED light installation by Duncan Aviation, using its ODA authority to perform MRA projects. This enhancement allows passengers to change the lighting to match their mood, giving them a full-color spectrum and six lighting options, all controlled through a mobile app and existing cabin switches. The unique positioning of the up and downwash bulbs behind the custom-designed Duncan Aviation Falcon 2000 PSU panels provided a consistent wash of light with reduced shadows on the ceiling and upper sidewalls.

The new exterior paint is 100% Duncan Aviation quality accomplished at two of its MRO locations. Before the aircraft’s purchase, the previous owner took this Falcon 2000EX to Duncan Aviation in Battle Creek, Michigan, for a C inspection and received a Matterhorn White base paint. They knew they were selling the aircraft and went basic, allowing the new owner to have a fresh base canvas to add their personalized stripe design.