Fourth Global Express joins TWC Aviation managed fleet


Bombardier Global Express

TWC Aviation has added a 10-passenger Bombardier Global Express to its managed fleet of business jet aircraft.

The aircraft will begin charter operations in the second quarter of 2015. The Global Express will be based in Oakland, California, in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area market.

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Edward Frank, chief executive officer of TWC Aviation, says: “Last year we experienced remarkable growth in our aircraft management and jet charter divisions.”

“We now consistently support nearly 10,000 hours of annual charter activity on our diverse fleet of managed business jets, and we are working continually to raise the bar for our discriminating charter clients,” Frank adds.

The Bombardier Global Express is an ultra-long range business aircraft, capable of flying over 5,900 nautical miles non-stop. The Global Express can fly non-stop from California to destinations as far as Tokyo, Moscow and Rio de Janeiro.

TWC Aviation released a short video, introduced by Frank, which you can watch below: