Fourth Global 7000 FTV completes first flight and debuts at NBAA


Bombardier Global 7000

On 28 September, the fourth Global 7000 flight test vehicle took off from Bombardier’s facility in Toronto on its first flight.

The FTV4 is equipped with a cabin interior, and is called “The Architect”.

Just over a week later, The Architect made its debut at NBAA-BACE in Las Vegas.

The aircraft will be used to validate the overall passenger experience, including the cabin management system and entertainment options, newly designed seats and amenities throughout the four living spaces, the full-sized crew rest area and gourmet galley.

Michel Ouellette, senior vice president, Global 7000 and Global 8000 Programme, said: “FTV4, the first aircraft to be furnished with a cabin interior, has a unique purpose in flight validation. It is confirming the unparalleled comfort and interior design that our customers can expect from this game-changing business jet.

“The robust ground testing completed on our interior test rig and the upcoming flight validation prepare us for certification of the interiors. We have placed tremendous effort on making the Global 7000 aircraft a business jet like no other.”

Prior to its first flight, FTV4’s interiors were validated on the ground in a one-of-a-kind Bombardier test rig that replicates the conditions of flight related to airframe motions and flight loads using a production fuselage mounted on a pneumatic bed.

Production of interiors for Global 7000 aircraft destined for customers is underway at Bombardier’s Centre of Excellence in Montreal.

Work on the green aircraft at Bombardier’s facility in Toronto has also ramped up, with eight customer aircraft currently progressing through final assembly.

François Caza, vice president, product development, and chief engineer, product development engineering, said: “Our Global 7000 flight test vehicles continue to undergo rigorous testing at our world-class flight test centre in Wichita, Kansas.

“Having now flown nearly 900 hours, the aircraft continue to perform extremely well and to exhibit a high-level of reliability. Areas of the flight envelope and the performance of the systems, including at extreme temperatures, have been tested. The results show a maturity which is in full support of the planned certification activities.”

FTV5, known as “The Masterpiece”, is the fifth and final flight test vehicle in the Global 7000 flight validation programme. Final preparations are under way for its initial flight at Bombardier’s Toronto facility.

FTV5 will be used to perform further maturity testing to ensure an entry-into-service in 2018.

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