Four Corners to offer ACJ TwoTwenty in new product


In the week of its first flight the ACJ TwoTwenty has also become the first aircraft in Four Corners Aviation’s new flight department product following the firm’s launch last month.

Texas-based Four Corners will market the extra-large cabin TwoTwenty as the first of an all-new business jet for the ‘Freedom by Four Corners Aviation’ product they have named Corporate Jet as a Service (CJaaS).

“The ACJ TwoTwenty’s superior cabin space and ability to connect London to Los Angeles directly all year long make it an excellent choice for the North American market,” said Brian Proctor, chief executive officer of Aquila Aviation Ventures, which holds Four Corners Aviation and Mente Group. “Furthermore, it’s a true North American aircraft assembled in Canada, engines in Connecticut and the cabin completion is performed in Indiana.”

The concept has been designed to offer a scalable aviation department – with a customised and fully integrated ACJ TwoTwenty financed solution, with crew, operations and supplemental lift.

 Four Corners has been assisted by Mente Group, its sister company, along with Airbus Corporate Jets, in marketing the TwoTwenty.

ACJ President Benoit Defforge said: “The TwoTwenty is a game changer in the business jet market bringing a new value proposition to the market, as is Four Corners’ new offer. The ‘Freedom’ program simplifies the aviation travel experience for executives and high net worth individuals who care about getting to their destinations in comfort yet offering a pioneering solution to aircraft ownership to access the TwoTwenty.”

The TwoTwenty also made its first flight this week. The aircraft will be delivered to Comlux in the coming weeks and then outfitted with a VVIP cabin by the firm in Indianapolis, US. Comlux has been selected as an exclusive outfitting partner for the first 15 aircraft.