FortAero becomes largest European Nextant operator


Nextant 400XTi

FortAero placed its third order for a Nextant 400XTi at JetExpo 2014 in Moscow.
Nextant 400XTi

Nextant 400XTi.

Nextant Aerospace has sold a third Nextant 400XTi to FortAero in Russia. The deal was announced during JetExpo 2014 in Moscow, where the 400XTi was on display.

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Vadim Opryshko, CEO of FortAero, said: “The Nextant 400XTi has been an incredibly popular addition to our charter service offering due to its low operating cost, superior range, reliability and cabin comfort.”

“On average, we fly both of our 400XTis for 80-90 hours per month and the demand keeps increasing. We can maintain this kind of utilisation because of the outstanding dispatch reliability and the responsive customer support from the factory and Nextant service centers. Originally we had very high expectations and Nextant has definitely met them. The 400XTi is a perfect light jet for the charter market in Russia and the CIS,” adds Opryshko.

The 400XTi is about half the price of its competitors with significantly lower maintenance and operating costs. Europe is proving to be a popular market for the 400XTi. Since 2011 Nextant has delivered 45 aircraft; 15 per cent of which are now based in Europe.

Jay Heublein, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Nextant, said: “The 400XTi is becoming the workhorse of the European charter market and many of our European operators are reporting monthly utilisation in the 80-100 hour range.”

“The 400XTi provides charter operators with unsurpassed range, speed and comfort in the light jet category at a considerably lower cost base. Higher revenues and lower costs deliver profits to our operators, even in a down market,” adds Heublein.

Nextant launched in the region last June by appointing FortAero as its exclusive sales agent in Russia and the CIS. At the same time FortAero placed an order for two 400XTi light jets. With the purchase of their third aircraft, FortAero becomes Nextant’s largest European fleet operator.

In January 2013, Corporate Jet Investor had the opportunity to fly in a Nextant private jet: