Fokker Aircraft Services delivers Airbus ACJ320 VIP aircraft


Masterjet at Paris Le Bourget takes delivery of 26 seat Airbus A320 VIP aircraft

Fokker Aircraft ServicesFokker Aircraft Services (FAS) has handed
over a 26-seater Head of State VIP configured A320 to Masterjet, based at Le Bourget, France.
This is the first time an A320 with a 26-seat configuration, certified for
commercial and private transport by the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency)
and the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) has been produced.

FAS managed to obtain certification by
specially adapting the structure and composition of materials used for cabin
linings, monuments, furniture, seating, carpeting and window shades, including
wood veneer and leather, making them fire resistant to comply with heat release
regulations. Eric Cuppen, director, Aircraft Completions and Conversions is
quick to point out that new innovation is all apart of what FAS refer to as

Eric Cuppen said “Fokker is concerned
with the craftsmanship of aircraft maintenance and repair, creating customised
solutions, whether it is in the design of an aircraft part, component or system
or the modification of a pre-existing part, component or system or indeed in
this case the conversion of an existing aircraft. When there is no specific
product or solution available on the market, we’ll engineer and build it
ourselves to enhance our customer’s product”

Fokker Aircraft Service is an EASA, GCAA and
FAA Part 145 approved maintenance facility in The Netherlands. At any one time,
the facility is able to accommodate up to four positions for Boeing 737-series
and Airbus A320-family aircraft.

FAS’ capabilities are increasingly being
used for Boeing 737 series aircraft and the Airbus A320 family, along with
other regional aircraft types such as Bombardier.