Flying Colours Singapore facility grows 40% in 2016


The Flying Colours facility in Singapore saw 40% growth in 2016.

The facility was originally opened three years ago in the Bombardier service center at Sletar airport.

Flying Colours say that the growth is largely due to Asian clients wanting to customize their aircraft.

“We are excited by this year’s progress. The facility has been extremely busy since we launched, and we’ve seen a notable increase in demand and requests over the last twelve months. Indications are that this will continue into the future too,” said Eric Gillespie, executive VP, Flying Colours Corp. “We’ve also added, and are training, four new team members, bringing our total workforce to 18, to ensure we maintain the required capacity and standards.”

Over the course of the last 12 months the company has worked on over 50 interior projects, including cabinetry refinishing and soft furnishing refurbishment and repairs.

The company also offers a mobile service for clients who need ad-hoc work.

“Mobile repairs are also part of the services we offer and have proved popular as it reduces costs and down time for the owner,” says Gillespie.

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