Flight Options first to use Apple iPad Class 1 EFB


Company is first in industry to receive authorisation to use device

Flight Options has announced
that it is the first in the industry to receive authorization by the FAA to
utilise Apple iPads as a Class 1 Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) device. Authorised
late 2011, the Flight Options’ Legacy 600 fleet leverages the iPad to allow its
flight crews to address a variety of functions that were historically
accomplished with paper references. The company’s pilots are now able to
perform both basic and advanced EFB activities through iPads assigned to and
available in the cockpit.

Authorisation by the FAA on leveraging iPads as EFBs for the remaining Flight
Options’ fleet is expected in early 2012.

“While certain aspects of EFBs have been around in some way, shape or form for
several years, the iPad has revolutionized how people consume data,” said David
Davies, chief information officer, Flight Options. “As a result, the iPad has
inherently become an effective, innovative and cost-effective way to enhance
flight operations and service offerings. We evaluated our mobile enterprise
requirements. We ultimately selected AirWatch because it is the only MDM and
mobile app solution that offers secure, flexible deployment options,
competitive pricing and advanced security features.”

“Apple iPads have transformed flying and electronic flight bags,” said John
Marshall, chief executive, AirWatch. “iPads used in the cockpit help ensure
that pilots not only have critical, real-time information at their fingertips
throughout the flight, but also leverage enhanced security, encryption and
mobile management capabilities to quickly and efficiently perform key
activities in-flight. Flight Options deployment and secure management of iPads
as EFBs is a game-changer for the company and the industry as a whole.”