Flight Options showcases Phenom 300 fractional programme


Flight Options showcases the Embraer Phenom 300 fractional programme

Flight Options announced that its Embraer
Phenom 300 fractional program is now its fastest growing program. Flight
Options has taken delivery of four aircraft in December.

“The Phenom 300 defines value,” said Flight
Options CEO Mike Silvestro. “It is a clean-sheet, light-jet design that
combines a midsize-jet cabin, industry-leading passenger and cockpit technology
with extremely low occupied hourly rates – 25 percent below our current price
leader, the Hawker 400XP.”

Flight Options Vice President-Sales &
Marketing, Matt Doyle, said, “Flight Options is the only fractional aircraft
ownership company holding the ARG/US Platinum Rating for safety. The
state-of-the-art cockpit technology of the Phenom 300 highlights our continued
commitment to safety. This technology, combined with category-leading speed,
short-field capability and long range means the Phenom 300 instills confidence
and provides mission flexibility unmatched by any light jet.”

“As testament to the desirability of this
amazing airplane, every Phenom 300 delivered to Flight Options has been
pre-sold, even those due in early 2011. However, new Phenom 300 customers may
begin flying with Flight Options immediately, regardless of when they take
title to their share” Doyle said.

Flight Options ordered 100 Phenom 300
executive jets, plus 50 options, in 2007. The total value of the order exceeds US$1.2
billion, at current list price. The company expects to receive aircraft
deliveries over the next 10 years.