Flight Sharing startup creating space for more travellers to fly private


Carl Marbach

Steamboat Springs, CO – 13 October 2020 – SharedCharter is a new online service that offers more passengers access to the luxury of flying private through their proprietary peer-to-peer network that simplifies the process of sharing and booking private charter flights.

“When charter flights fill empty seats, typically the price of the flight goes down for all the travelers,” says Carl Marbach, President and CEO of SharedCharter, and veteran pilot. “I realised there was a need for a hub where people could easily find others to share their desired flights, and at the same time, significantly reduce the price of the flight versus chartering the plane on their own.”

The process starts at SharedCharter.com where passengers can search the network for existing flights or sign up for a no-cost membership to initiate a new itinerary or join an existing trip.

When two parties match a flight, SharedCharter provides secure, anonymous communication between them to discuss specifics, and assistance from the company’s exclusive concierge to manage flight arrangements among thousands of private air travel brokers and Certified FAA plane operators.

SharedCharter is also addressing the headwinds of commercial flying in this era of escalating public health concerns. The ability to fly private during this time of Covid-19 is arguably safer than flying commercial airlines with thousands of people at large airports and hundreds of people crammed into a plane. Fewer people, less spread.

The company’s model intends to make flying private accessible to a whole new audience interested in upgrading their experience with its numerous advantages, including private concierge service, no TSA screening lines, custom food and beverage, bag retrieval in minutes, and door to destination travel time cut by hours.

The SharedCharter network will also be appealing to existing private flyers looking to take advantage of the cost savings per trip, and advantageous for brokers and private jet operators because more people will be in the market to fly private due to lower prices.