Flapper becomes first Argus certified broker south of the equator


Flapper has become the first ARGUS Certified Charter Broker in the southern hemisphere.

ARGUS is widely considered the “most accurate and detailed third-party due diligence system” for registered charter brokers globally. 

Ed Wandall, ARGUS, vice president, said: “Flapper not only has an impressive technology platform, but highly skilled and knowledgeable people throughout their organisation. They perform a high level of due diligence on all their flights and have forged valuable relationships with the Civil Aviation Authorities in South America.”

In the last year Flapper integrated with the API of the Brazilian Civil Aviation Authority, allowing daily verification of all Part 135-registered aircraft in the country. Flapper’s next step is to integrate with similar APIs to assure full Part 135 compliance of aircraft inventory in its systems.

Paul Malicki, CEO of Flapper added: “From training of our team members to carefully selecting partner operators, to meticulously planning every flight, we are committed to the industry’s best practices. As we are expanding our international footprint, we’d like to further benefit from access to ARGUS data, its impressive know-how and experienced team.”


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