Fishtail Air delivers food to the Karnali zone


Helicopter company helps deliver food to villages on the Karnali River in Nepal

Fishtail Air AS350 unloading rice in NepalOver the past few weeks, a Fishtail Air
Eurocopter AS350 B3 has been based at Surkhet to provide cargo shuttles from
Surkhet to the remote areas around Karnali zone to villages like Sarkeghat,
Shrinagar, Maila, Kalika and beyond.

The company is involved in transporting food
such as rice to the villages in the hills parallel to the Karnali River.
Fishtail Air is also search, rescue and air ambulance service cover to the far
western region of Nepal.
Being based locally at Surkhet, anyone who needs emergency services or rescue in
the far western region will be attended to much more quickly than if the
helicopter had to fly from Kathmandu.

Fishtail Air fly supplies into the region
and transports out village grown herbs that are used in the pharmaceutical
industry, this aids the remote Nepalese villages with much needed support such as food and other supplies.