First Avanti EVO sale in UK


first Piaggio Avanti EVO delivery

ConnectJets has sold their first Piaggio Avanti EVO in the UK.

The aircraft will be delivered to the buyer, a private individual, in October after being custom-built by Piaggio Aerospace in Italy. Operating under British registration, the UK’s first Avanti EVO will be available for charter from autumn 2017.

The Avanti EVO with rear-facing propellers that offer superior climb performance and an ability to reach a maximum speed of 402 kts (463 MPH) and altitude of 41,000 ft, which is faster and quieter than most comparable jet aircraft in its class.

Manufactured to order by leading Italian aircraft manufacturer Piaggio Aerospace at its new production aerospace centre of excellence in Villanova d’Albenga (Genoa, Liguria), each Avanti EVO is customised to the buyer’s specifications.

Gabriella Somerville, managing director of ConnectJets said: “As sole sales agent for the Avanti EVO in the British Isles and Channel Islands, I am delighted to conclude the first of what I am confident will be many sales of this exceptional aircraft. With issues of environmental impact and air quality drawing increasing media and public attention, the introduction of the pioneering Avanti EVO to UK skies could not have come at a better time, signposting a more sustainable way forward for the private aviation sector.”

Renato Vaghi, chief executive officer of Piaggio Aerospace added: “I am sure the outcome of our collaboration with ConnectJets will be extremely positive. I’m proud to say that along with them, we lead the way towards a revolutionary, luxurious and eco-friendly way of travelling that will comply with the new fast-moving, environmental and cost saving requirements.”