Finmeccanica board meets and makes management changes


The board of directors of Finmeccanica, parent company of AgustaWestland have made a number of senior management changes.

The Finmaccanica board under the chairmanship of vice chairman Admiral Guido Venturoni have made a number of significant senior management changes at a number of the parent company’s subsidiaries.

The board has nominated that Daniele Romiti become chief executive officer of AgustaWestland, replacing Bruno Spagnolini. This nomination will be submitted to the board of directors of AgustaWestland over the next few days.

Finmeccanica is determined to continue with the implementation of the restructuring plan of the Group, in particular in some areas of activity.

With these and other changes being proposed, the board of directors of Finmaccanica may postpone the shareholders meeting scheduled for the 13 – 16 May 2013 and hold it no later than 29 June 2013.