Finesse Executive partners with MedAire


Dassault Falcon 2000

UK-based charter and aircraft management company Finesse Executive is to partner with MedAire, a supplier of medical and security travel risk solutions.
Dassault Falcon 2000

Dassault Falcon 2000

Finesse Executive, a UK-based charter and aircraft management company, will partner with MedAire, a supplier of medical and security travel risk solutions.

MedAire will provide Finesse Executive with travel safety services for its crew and passengers – in flight and on the ground.

Stephen Finch, commercial manager of Finesse Executive, said: “MedAire provides an unparalleled safety umbrella for any operation; from the assessment and planning stage right through to trip completion.  There are simply none better at mitigating the risks associated with worldwide ad hoc flight operations.”

“Having used MedAire with a previous operator, and having had need to make use of their twenty four a day medical and security services on a number of occasions, I can testify to the highest levels of service they provide.  I am pleased to once again be working with them,” added Finch.

MedAire will also supply medical kits for their aircraft and access to a global network of medical, security and logistic support. MedAire will also supply their MedAire Trip Ready app.

Finch said: “The MedAire Trip Ready app gives our crews access to critical information down route, allowing us to reduce risks to potential travel safety issues and add to the wellbeing of our passengers and crew.”

Peter Tuggey, managing director of MedAire said: “Finesse Executive passengers and crew will receive peace of mind that health, security and logistics expertise is available twenty four hours a day. We look forward to providing outstanding service to their passengers and crew.”

MedAire was formed in 1985 and is now a medical and security solution on many Boeing Business Jets, Gulfstreams, Beechcraft, Bombardier and other business aviation aircraft.