Centreline Air Charter sees profits rise after accepting fifth Citation 525


Phil Brockworth with Citation

Bristol-based Centreline reports an increase in utilisation over the past three months.
Centreline Air Charter Phil Brockwell and Citation 525

Phil Brockwell, CEO of the Bristol Flying Centre Group, stands in front of Centreline Air Charter’s recently-acquired Citation 525 business jet.

Centreline Air Charter has reported a 35 per cent increase in profits and a 15 per cent increase in utilisation of its aircraft to an average of 77 hours between June and August, when compared with the same period over the last five years.

Centreline is part of the Bristol Flying Centre Group at Bristol Airport in the south-west of England and operates five Citation Jet 525 business jets from four UK airports.

Phil Brockwell, CEO of the Bristol Flying Centre Group, said: “This incredibly successful summer period is a result of two main factors. Firstly there had been a reduction in the supply of light jets in the UK market which has resulted in an increased demand for the Centreline Air Charter product. In addition, we have operated our aircraft at almost maximum efficiency, the key to this being a highly successful programme of selling empty legs and thus extracting maximum value from our assets. We have also increased our average sector length from 1.1 to 1.4 hours.”

Brockwell added: “We are particularly pleased with these results as during this period one of our aircraft spent 20 days in our engineering facility undergoing a complete repaint which took it out of service.”

Centreline Air Charter added the fifth Citation 525 business jet in May 2013.