FCG OPS expands in Lithuania and Estonia



Riga, Latvia – 21 September 2020 – FCG OPS, a part of the aviation holding company Flight Consulting Group, enhances its presence in the Baltic region with the opening of two briefing facilities for business aviation crews at Kaunas International Airport in Lithuania and Tartu Airport in Estonia. 

Business aviation operators will be able to provide pilots and flight attendants with the most comfortable environment for a rest and a pre-flight preparation in all three Baltic countries. The branded crew facilities are also available at FBO RIGA in Latvia and at Tallinn International Airport in Estonia. 

FCG OPS crew briefings are comfortable lounges with free Wi-Fi. In some locations, they also include a work area and everything you need to make delicious coffee and tea. 

“It is crucially important for crews to rest properly before a flight – this is one of the primary factors of flight safety. Therefore, we constantly invest in creating the best environment for crews at the airports of our presence. Our crew briefings in Riga and Tallinn have been highly appraised by crews from all around the world. Now, pilots and flight attendants can be confident that they will have the same comfortable areas and impeccable service when arriving on a quick return flight to Kaunas and Tartu,” commented in FCG OPS. 

FCG OPS is a certified dispatch center for flight planning and a leading ground handling provider for business aviation flights in Eastern Europe, the CIS and Scandinavia. The company provides a full range of ground handling services including airport handling of business jets, search for the best fuel prices, passenger and crew handling, including catering, accommodation and transfers. 

At Kaunas and Tartu airports, FCG OPS is certified for airport handling of business aviation, military and commercial charter flights. Before the pandemic, the number of flights handled by FCG OPS in Kaunas increased by 40 percent and in Tartu by 20 percent in a 12 months period. 

FCG OPS operates a ground handling network that is covering 42 airports in 22 countries. Eight ground handling stations are located at the key airports across the Baltics, including Riga, Tallinn, Tartu, Kuressaare, Vilnius, Kaunas, Palanga and Siauliai.