Faradair adds Dunlop Aircraft Tyres to its growing list of partners


Faradair flying

17 May 2021 – Established more than 100 years ago, Dunlop Aircraft Tyres quickly became a significant player in the newly born, rapidly expanding aircraft industry. It has remained a key supplier in this evolving sector ever since. The Birmingham, UK-headquartered business is partnering Duxford, UK-based Faradair, a new UK aerospace manufacturer, as it helps usher in a new era of sustainable aviation.

The companies have agreed to work together on the BEHA (Bio Electric Hybrid Aircraft) development programme, creating a new, more sustainable aircraft tyre, as part of the UK’s drive to Net Zero.

The BEHA is a British clean sheet designed, Net Zero-capable commercial aircraft that will not only create new manufacturing jobs, but also significantly support the UK aerospace supply chain, which has been hit so hard by the global pandemic.

This partnership between two British aerospace companies marries Dunlop’s rich heritage with a fantastic opportunity for the future of sustainable aerospace manufacturing. Under its Build Back Better plan for economic growth, the UK Government has declared its intention to support programmes such as this, especially with the UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties, known as COP26, coming to Glasgow, UK in November.

Neil Cloughley, Faradair Founder and CEO commented: “Dunlop Aircraft Tyres is an iconic brand in the UK aerospace sector, with a fantastic history and strong position in the existing regional aircraft market. The opportunity to work closely together in creating a new, more sustainable aircraft tyre for the BEHA delivers another piece in the sustainability jigsaw, because true sustainability is about more than reducing emissions.”

Director of Global Business Development for Dunlop Aircraft Tyres, Clayton Redhead added: “Dunlop Aircraft Tyres is pleased to be partnering with Faradair on this sustainable aviation project which focuses on reducing the UK’s carbon footprint whilst providing a regional air travel connectivity solution. Dunlop continue to produce British manufactured aircraft tyres from our Birmingham headquarters and as we look at new processes and technologies to continually improve our products and become the world’s first choice supplier of aircraft tyres, we believe this new project will contribute significantly to Dunlop’s next 100 years providing job security for the Midlands.”