Falcon backlog drops to 87 aircraft


Dassault’s Falcon backlog dropped to 87 aircraft following a first half year that saw 11 Falcon 5X order cancellations.

During the first half of 2016, Dassault received orders for 22 Falcon orders, but the net adjusted sales amounted to 15 aircraft.

The company is blaming the Falcon 5X cancellations on the delayed Snecma Silvercrest engines, which have pushed back the entry into service of the 5X by almost three years.

During the same period in 2015 Dassault took in orders for 25 Falcon’s, but also saw cancelled orders for 20 aircraft from NetJets.

Deliveries during thee first half also fell, with 15 aircraft being delivered to customers. Dassault says that it now expects to deliver 50 aircraft in 2016, down from the original estimate of 60 jets.

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