Falcon 900EX EASy loses weight while gaining seats with creative customisation


Falcon 900EX Easy interior

Lincoln, NEB — Duncan Aviation recently faced a challenge to significantly reduce the overall weight of a customer’s Falcon 900EX EASy aircraft while increasing its passenger seat capacity.

During a pre-buy inspection at Duncan Aviation’s MRO facility in Battle Creek, Michigan, a customer requested his 14-seat Falcon 900EX EASy be reconfigured to sit 17 comfortably. He also wanted the aircraft’s overall weight to drop so future round-trip flights could be completed with no fuel stops.

The final design, created by Duncan Aviation Aircraft Designer Ken Reita, required an STC (Supplemental Type Certificate) and the expert help of several others to complete. Reita and Senior Duncan Aviation Completions Sales Rep Suzanne Hawes met daily with team members from Engineering, Airframe, Interior, and Customer Service to discuss ideas and compare notes.

“We regularly updated detailed spreadsheets with the weight of every single item, including coffee containers and life rafts, on that aircraft. We even took out the carpet and weighed it!” says Hawes. “We pored over that interior, coming up with savings, ounce by ounce.”

The team switched out the seat and divan frames for lighter alternatives, removed a pocket door, installed thinner carpet, and replaced the stone countertops in the galley cabinet with sleek, lightweight laminate. They also saved 50 pounds by swapping out the insulation in the headliner.

The team ultimately fit 17 seats comfortably in the cabin and shaved 374 pounds from the aircraft’s weight!

In addition to the pre-buy and complicated reconfiguration, Duncan Aviation performed an airframe 2-C inspection, EASy II avionics upgrade, and complete paint.