Dassault Falcon 5X enters ground testing


Dassault Falcon 5X private jet in flight

Dassault’s new Falcon 5X business jet has entered its initial ground testing phase, having powered-up for the first time at the end of August.

Initial ground tests are focusing on fuel systems, hydraulics, and electrical systems.

The next stage of the testing will focus on ground vibration tests and is due to start by the end of October. Initial engine run-up is scheduled by year end, with taxi test due to start shortly afterwards.

“We are extremely pleased with the way the program is advancing, and are fully on schedule for a second quarter 2015 first flight,” said Olivier Villa, senior vice president  of Dassault Aviation Civil Aircraft. “Wing mating and other operations were completed in a single step without the need for rework, using our attest Product Lifecycle Management digital modelling methods. Development has also benefited from the use of our new FalconScan tool, developed for on board fault diagnosis, which we have employed to facilitate ground testing.”

Dassault is expecting the Falcon 5X to fly for the first time during the second quarter of 2015, with certification planned by the end of 2016.