FAI rent-a-jet wins air ambulance award


Nuremberg-based FAI rent-a-jet wins the Air Ambulance of the Year award.

The International Travel Journal has awarded Nuremberg, Germany based FAI rent-a-jet The Air Ambulance of the Yea’ award. The award was anounced during the recent International Travel Insurance Congress held earlier this month in Barcelona, Spain.

FAI are in the process of constructing of the new hangar at Nuremberg, this should enhance passenger and patient transfer from aircraft to limo or to ground transportation/ambulance. FAI have also recently launched an air ambulance service and a new base in the Middle East.

“This prize goes to all the workers in our company, to the medical teams, the pilots, the technicians, the dispatchers, and all the others who have worked hard for a long time in order for us to reach our current performance standards” stated Volker Lemke, a member of FAI’s board of directors in his acceptance speech after receiving the prize from the newly elected co-chair of the European Aeromedical Institute, Dr Bettina Vadera, to highlight the success of his staff.

FAI rent-a-jet are currently operating a fleet of 20 business aircraft, six are permanently configured as air ambulances, the remainder are available for VIP charter.