FAA removes performance limits on inlet barrier filters


Eurocopter AS350 and EC130 helicopters with FDC/Aerofilter inlet barrier filters performance limits removed by FAA

FDC/aerofiltersFDC/aerofilter has announced that Eurocopter
AS350 and EC130 helicopters equipped with FDC/aerofilter inlet barrier filters
may now operate in accordance with the basic rotorcraft flight manual.

The FAA recently approved revisions to
FDC/aerofilter’s rotorcraft flight manual supplements, allowing these aircraft
to operate in accordance with the performance sections of the basic rotorcraft
flight manual as long as the aircraft passes the basic flight manual engine
power checks.

This change frees operators from the
restrictive hover ceiling, rate of climb, and gross weight penalties previously
imposed on all FDC/aerofilter equipped AS350 and EC130 helicopters, enabling
the aircraft to operate to their full capabilities.

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