FAA follows EASA in giving approval to the Falcon 7X


FAA approval granted to Dassault Falcon 7X business jet to resume flying after modifications

Falcon 7XThe Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has
recently issued an Alternative Method of Compliance (AMOC) which will allow the
majority of US registered Falcon 7X aircraft to resume flight operations by mid
July. This follows a similar approval from the EASA which was issued on 15 June

Dassault has developed a modification kit
that, when installed, adds additional layers of protection to the Falcon 7X pitch
trim system.

The company has been in daily contact with Falcon 7X owners and operators
providing progress reports on the situation since the company
initiated the suspension of flying by EASA and the FAA on 26 May after an aircraft suffered an incident. Since that
time, every resource at the company was directed toward finding the cause of
the pitch trim event and developing a solution.