FAA approves Avfuel online training


Avfuel training

Ann Arbor, Mich. – July 31, 2018 – Avfuel Corporation, an established authority on aviation fuel quality assurance, recently attained FAA approval for its online fuel safety training programmes, which are part of the Avfuel Training System (ATS). Now, FBOs and operators can utilise Avfuel’s online Line Fuel Service and Supervisory Fuel Service Training to ensure compliance with FAA fuel safety regulations as outlined by 14 CFR 139.321.

“With the new designation, Avfuel became the only aviation fuel supplier with an in-house FAA-approved online safety training programme,” said Buffey Muth, Avfuel’s marketing manager. “As a fuel supplier we have an ethical responsibility to support our customers in meeting business aviation’s rigorous safety standards. We’re proud to offer our branded FBOs a substantially lower-cost training option to meet those standards.”

As a cost-effective solution for FAA-approved training, all Avfuel-branded FBOs have access to the best training solutions possible so pilots and passengers can rest easy when they fly in and fuel up in the Avfuel Network.

In addition to its FAA approval, Avfuel also announces the launch of a new training platform. The new Avfuel Training System features a state-of-the-art online learning environment that allows FBO management to more easily centralise and implement staff training.

“We’re a high-tech industry, and our training system should be on pace with that,” said Muth. “Now, when customers visit the online portion of the ATS, they’re presented with a more intuitive learner and manager dashboard with a more modern interface. It also offers easy access from any device, a knowledgebase, a quick-reference tool, more efficient management tools, easier reporting and other conveniences, including certain customizable, opt-in solutions for a more tailored training experience.”

The ATS Fuel Safety courses satisfy FAA requirements for 14 CFR part 139 training and include such topics as fuel handling and fire safety, aviation fuels and additives, fuel system icing inhibitor, contaminants and fuel testing methods, procedures for receiving a load of fuel, aviation fuelling components, fuel storage systems, mobile refuelling equipment, aircraft fuelling, recordkeeping, and general operations. Other training topics include marshalling, towing, de- and anti-icing, aviation security, front counter operations and premier customer service.

Avfuel continues to offer its high-tech training solution at the industry’s most affordable rate. One annual subscription for the operation grants every employee access to the site. Use of in-depth video and resources allows each employee to train at his or her own pace for the ultimate trainee and trainer experience.

Along with the online programme, Avfuel will continue to host its FAA-Approved Supervisory Fuel Training seminars throughout the country multiple times per year.

“It’s crucial that new supervisors undergo initial hands-on supervisory training as a best practice” said Randy Harrison, Avfuel’s quality assurance manager.

“Supervisors in charge of line training, fuel safety and refueling operations carry a great responsibility to support the safety of flight operations and passengers. Avfuel’s supervisory training seminar is an effective way to ensure preparedness.”