F.LIST releases sustainable cabin material portfolio #NBAA


F.LIST has released its first portfolio of bio-based sustainable materials at NBAA-BACE 2022.

Three new products will be on display at the F/LIST booth. The first produced by the team is F/LIST Aenigma. It can be customised with colour, texture and thickness for use on any surface in the cabin.

Melanie Prince, head of Innovation F/LIST, said: “The incredible blend has evolved into a technical, glamorous material that would be as at home on the catwalk as on the runway. With this material, we are only scratching the surface; the market potential for customers is endless.”

The second F/LIST’s Whisper Leather is produced from plant-based raw materials. Also available in customised colours, the material can be manufactured in a selection of surface finishes for sidewalls, bulkheads or any area where a textile material is required, said F/LIST. 

The last material, F/LIST Linfinium is a linseed-based compound with applications ranging from countertops to flexible flooring.

“We want to make a difference, and by creating pragmatic, innovative solutions that support the sustainability narrative, we can foster change. These materials are a good example of how we are implementing a circular economy in-house,” said Prince.

“We are developing and producing striking new cabin options by reusing remnants of some of the most exclusive raw materials in the world. The products can transform customer ideas while creating eco-friendly products that meet and exceed expectations, last longer and can be recycled at the end of life,” she added.